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On Air Meeting/Net 09 August

This evening the Club will host the ‘On Air’ meeting or net. We will meet from 7 pm on the Club repeater 147.090 in the North of the island or 145.290 in the south of the island. Tonight is an open topic. The net is open to all licensed operators.
Looking forward to hearing you there!!


pre Season Field Day

The Club is having a Field Day exercise tomorrow Monday 21st of May at Pigeon point beach. The setup will be halfway between Gros Islet and Landings Hotel.  We will be setting up a minimum of three stations with a variety of antennae. We will be on 40 20 17, the other bands are possible but dependent on propagation. 
Everybody is invited to join us, we look forward to seeing you on the beach!

73 de Frans j69DS

SLARC WARD event report

World Amateur Radio Day 2018

Celebrating Amateur Radio’s contribution to society


The Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club (SLARC) celebrated World Amateur Radio Day under the theme Celebrating Amateur Radio’s contribution to society. As part of this year’s celebration the SLARC decided to introduce amateur radio to a few of the secondary schools in the north and South of the island. The event was well received by both the faculty and students.

Students listened to an address from former director of ECTEL Mr. Embert Charles via the radio on this year’s theme “Celebrating Amateur Radio’s contribution to society “.  Students learned about the role amateur radio has played in the development of telecommunications and technology as a whole and also the importance of amateur radio in times of natural disasters when conventional means of communications are down.

The students also got the opportunity to ask questions and these ranged from, how one becomes an operator to questions on propagation of radio waves. The event was very successful and as a result the schools have asked that we repeat the sessions with the students. The St. Lucia Amateur Radio Club in order to continue this effort in bringing in fresh blood to the world of amateur radio will be conducting training sessions at the club’s headquarters with interested students eventually leading to a novice class license and the setup of amateur radio base stations at the schools.

The St. Lucia Amateur Radio Club would like to thank the National Emergency Management Organization, the administrators of the various secondary schools and the HAM operators for making this day possible.

Please see some pictures below of the day’s activities at the Participating schools: St. Mary’s College, St. Joseph’s Convent, Castries Comprehensive, Leon Hess Comprehensive, the Entrepot Secondary, Anse Ger Combined, and the Vieux Fort comprehensive.  


Terry Goodman, J66BP,
Tot Henry, J69MV,

Rudy Auguste – Silent key

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Rudy Auguste on 13th September 2016, he passedRudy Auguste - 2015 WARD event away at his home in RichFond, Saint Lucia. Rudy was along time CB operator (J6-357), he was also studying to become a Amateur Operator. Rudy spent many a Sunday at J69IH’s qth, learning

and operating on the hambands under Johnny tutelage and supervision. Rudy was a staunch member of the Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club.
Rudy was also an accomplished and well known drummer / percussionist. (see here for more info: The Voice Article )
His passing took us all by surprise. He will be sorely missed at our meeting and all our events.
The Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club and all Amateur Operators on Saint Lucia expresses our condoleances to the family of Rudy and wish them strength in this difficult time

73 Rudy SK.Rudy Auguste - Ward Event 2

Another Year

World Amateur Radio Day will mark yet another year for the Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club. We will be celebrating by holding an exhibition/Field Day Exercise in the Town of Vieux Fort in the South of the island on Saturday 16th April 2016.

The plan is to be on site by 8 am and be setup by 9 Am with at least 2 stations and hopefully three stations. We will have radio equipment on display and good eats and drinks of course.

We invite all amateur radio operators to join us in the fun, We also extend an invitation to everybody to come visit us there and learn about Amateur Radio.

In other news, the Club will be having a extraordinary meeting re the AGM Nominations on the 23rd April, so all members of the club be so notified and please ensure you are up to date so you can exercise your franchise.
On May 2nd we will be having a Field Day/Fund Raising event at Vigie beach where we will have a few stations on the air and also a well stocked bar and we hope to see you there also!

The AGM for SLARC will be held on the 14th May 2016.

Further news will be posted here.



World Amateur Radio Day

St. Lucia Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box CCP 5464, Castries, St. Lucia. W. I.

Press Release

April 06th 2015
The Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club (SLARC) will be celebrating with the millions of operators World Amateur Radio Day.

Every April 18, radio amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day. It was on that day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union was formed in Paris.

In Saint Lucia we intend taking the celebration around the island in every one of the seventeen districts. We started with the capital city of Castries in 2013, the busy tourist district of Gros-Islet in 2014, and in 2015 we will be going into the small fishing village of Anse-La-Raye.

In a public display of our prized art form, we invite not only special invited guests which include the District Representatives, the National Emergency Management Organization NEMO, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission NTRC and the Saint Lucia Red Cross Society, but we focus on the young persons especially school children who we hope will continue the development of amateur radio on our island.

We also pay special attention to our sponsors who from time to time come forward to support our organization.
The day will begin with an opening ceremony and throughout the day we will operate HF and VHF equipment, display old and new amateur radio gear, provide video shows and discussions.

World Amateur Radio Day is the day when the Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club can show our capabilities to the public and are encouraged to take advantage of this special day to promote amateur radio in our country.

Remember when all else fails—-Amateur Radio is Here

All interested individuals are asked to write the SLARC at P.O. Box CCP 5464, Castries St. Lucia.

Lionel Ellis
President SLARC
Tel: 758-489-3369

Canada funds J6 Repeater Project

The Government of Canada will provide more than $25,000 (CDN) to the Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club to improve Amateur Radio coverage and communication in the small Caribbean island nation in the event of a disaster. The project will install two repeater systems including solar back-up power, train 90 radio operators, and increase coverage for all of Saint Lucia’s 18 districts.

“Rising sea levels, coastal erosion, and an escalation in the frequency and intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes threaten homes and businesses across the Caribbean. These situations can have a significant negative impact on sustainable economic growth and result in loss of life,” the Canadian Government said in announcing the grant.

According to the announcement, the Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club repeater system will provide enhanced two-way communication during normal and disaster conditions, allowing for Amateur Radio coverage in all communities — and especially in known high-risk areas.

“The project will ensure that, in future hazard events, reliable and accurate information can be passed from communities to response teams, leading to more timely and effective assistance to those communities,” the announcement said.

The nearly year-old Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club secured support for this project through the Canada Caribbean Disaster Risk Management Fund (CCDRM), part of Canada’s $600 million Caribbean Regional Program. The fund is designed to support Caribbean-based non-governmental organizations, community groups, and governmental agencies working at the community level to reduce risks from natural hazards and climate change. — Thanks to the Canadian High Commission, Bridgetown

Club meeting

Hi All the next club meeting will on Novemeber first 2014 at the Red Cross building at Vigie!

Normal time: 5 pm, be on time and let all know…


(SLARC) Club celebrates ONE year

Hi all,

The Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club is celebrating it’s first year of re-activation on 17 April 2014.

The World Amateur Radio day is on the 18th but being a holy-day we are doing a field day/exhibition on the 17th instead. We will have stations up on 2 meters and HF.

We will also have an active echolink up on 146.500  The Club will be on the front lawn of the Aquatic Centre in Rodney Bay right along the high way so very visible indeed.

There will be a short ceremony to commemorate the event and the first year of the Club. Last year we launched the Club on the 18th of April (ARD) at the Castries City Hall.

After which we will be active on air and also have all sorts of equipment on display.

We cordially invite all those interested to join us on the day for the event, and also listen for us on the air or otherwise link in to us via Echolink connect to j69ds-l

Come and learn about Amateur Radio and all the various facets of the hobby.



Planning Meeting this Saturday


All those interested in and participating in the World Amateur Radio Day event planned on 17 April 2014 the last meeting for planning of this event is on Saturday 12 April at the Police HQ Castries at 5 Pm sharp it will be a short meeting.