First Club Meeting since COV19

Yesterday 08 08 2020 was the first time since COv19 and all it’s restrictions came into play, that the Club has held a ‘real’ meeting. We all met at St Mary’s College (Vigie) at four pm. The meeting covered a number of topics and it was a fruitful meeting.
In Attendance were:
J66RJ Rock, J69BP Terry, J6313 Inspector Lake, J66sj Cyril, J66YAZ Yasmine, J69MV Tot, J66MA Micheal, J66CD Ian, J66AV Althea, J69EX John, J69DS Frans, J69AK Matthew and j69IH Johnny.
Of interest is the choice to hold a Field Day at latest October first.
The Meeting was Chaired by Rock our current Persident and Terry our Vice President.
All those who missed out, hopefully we will see you all next meeting.