Caribbean Nets

Country Name Frequency Day & Time UTC/Local
Trinidad And Tobago TTARL/IRESC 7.133.00 MINUS / PLUS QRM Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday 00:30/8:30PM
Saint Lucia SI LUCIA AMATEUR RADIO CLUB 7.200.00 SUNDAYS 12:00/8:00AM
CARIBBEAN RAG-CHEW 14.267.50 DAILY 12:30/8:30AM
CARIBUS NET 14.283.00 DAILY 1130/7:30AM
Jamaica MYERS NET 7.150.00 SUNDAYS 1300/9:00AM
Saint Kitts And Nevis ST.KITTS & NEVIS AMATEUR RADIO CLUB 7.145.00 SUNDAYS 11:30AM_1530
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines SVGARC HAIROUN NET 7.155.00 SUNDAYS 14:00/10:00AM
Trinidad And Tobago HUMMING BIRD NET 7.159.00 SUNDAYS 13:00/9:00AM
Grenada NUTMEG NET 7.176.00 SUNDAYS 13:00/9:00AM
Trinidad And Tobago HUMMING BIRD NET 7.159.00 DAILY 20:00/4:00PM
TALKSHOP NET 7.195.00 DAILY 10:30/630AM
Virgin Islands (US) FRIENDLY 7188 NET 7.188.00 DAILY 10:00/6:00AM
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico/VI Weather Net 3.930.00 Daily 7:10/1110
Bahamas C6AGG Carolyn Wardle Weather Net 3.696.00 Daily 7:20/1120
Caribbean ALL Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net 3.815.00 Daily 10:30 & 22:30 UTC
Barbados Amateur Radio Society of Barbados CW Net 3.805.00 Sundays 12:00