Rudy Auguste – Silent key

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Rudy Auguste on 13th September 2016, he passedRudy Auguste - 2015 WARD event away at his home in RichFond, Saint Lucia. Rudy was along time CB operator (J6-357), he was also studying to become a Amateur Operator. Rudy spent many a Sunday at J69IH’s qth, learning

and operating on the hambands under Johnny tutelage and supervision. Rudy was a staunch member of the Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club.
Rudy was also an accomplished and well known drummer / percussionist. (see here for more info: The Voice Article )
His passing took us all by surprise. He will be sorely missed at our meeting and all our events.
The Saint Lucia Amateur Radio Club and all Amateur Operators on Saint Lucia expresses our condoleances to the family of Rudy and wish them strength in this difficult time

73 Rudy SK.Rudy Auguste - Ward Event 2